As the mighty winds of adversity visit our dear Hawai’i Nei, we find our hope and strength, together, in the way of our ancestors, as One Community, One People, One Heart.

My name is Calvin Say, and I humbly ask for your kokua to allow me to use the skills and experience that I have honed over 40 years of practice, to guide us back on course.

I am running for the vibrant Honolulu County Council, District 5. If you live in Manoa, Moili’ili, McCully, Palolo, St. Louis Heights, Kaimuki, Kapahulu, Paawa, and portions of Ala Moana, Kaka’ako and Makiki, you are on the front lines of helping Hawai’i prosper.

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  • Form task force to control Covid 19
  • Medical testing for all, face mask, social distancing and tracing
  • Public Awareness campaign
  • Mediation for renters, unemployment insurance relief, assistance for small businesses


  • Relaxing or suspending business codes
  • Jump start tourism by working with friendly countries
  • Promoting Hawaii tourism to the locals
  • Tax credits for employment
  • Encourage more new industries like tech, artificial intelligence
  • School of Ocean Earth Science Technology, farming, hydroponics and aquaponics
  • Promoting self sustaining industries, such as farming and fish farming


  • No residential property tax increases
  • Minimize any other taxes


  • More affordable housing for our residents
  • More senior housing for our kupuna


  • Reducing duplicate services at the state and county level
  • Replacing main sewer lines
  • Road resurfacing
  • Recycling of our wet waste


  • Preservation and continuation of senior care services
  • Preservation and continuation of keiki programs


  • More open space for our residents
  • Shoreline setbacks


  • Outreach by community law enforcement
  • Continuation of neighborhood watch programs
  • Fire Department outreach for the residents


  • Get homeless off the streets and more housing for homeless
  • Continuation of homeless programs
  • Encourage more public collaboration


Why Vote for Calvin Say

People ask me why I want to serve in the City Council, after a distinguished 40-year term in the Legislature. From unifying hundreds of elected officials from every community in the State, to balancing billions of dollars of resources, justly and appropriately, so that every bowl is filled, why would I want to turn my gaze to City matters; Issues of health, homelessness, public safety, zoning, climate change, property taxes, transportation and all that fall under the purview of the Council?

My answer is simple: I love District 5, with all of my heart, and believe that my years of service to our community has uniquely prepared me to restore peace, harmony and abundance to District 5 and the entire County of Honolulu, especially during these troubled times of COVID-19.

With the significant challenges faced by our community in 2020, we must elect city officials that are experienced, effective and proven leaders to work with others and galvanize our community and navigate through this crisis together and work towards a better future for our kupuna and keiki alike.

With your support and assistance, I plan to help steer us back to safety, using the navigator’s paddle of fiscal proficiency, skilled leadership, strong endurance, and a vision of hope and promise that will take us to healthy and safe harbors. As I have done during my term at the State Legislature, I will continue to be a strong proponent for efficient government spending and keeping our taxes down by fighting against the raising of GE and property taxes.

No more budget over runs, no more broken promises, no more lack of transparency, no more chaos; Instead, clarity, wisdom, compassion, unity, healing and Aloha.

If I am blessed to represent you in the City Council, I will work hard to make sure that your resources are protected, that your future is secure, and that the generations that follow us will thrive forever.


About Calvin Say

Speaker Emeritus Calvin K. Y. Say is the first Chinese-American to serve as a Chamber Speaker.


Say was elected President of the National Speaker’s Conference by his House (Assembly) Speaker colleagues across the nation in 1999.

First elected to the Hawaii House in 1976 from the Kaimuki/Palolo/St. Louis Heights area, Speaker Emeritus Say was one of the youngest individuals to become a House member. Currently, he is one of the most senior legislators in the Hawaii State Legislature.

Born on February 1, 1952, Speaker Emeritus Say graduated from St. Louis High School and the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor’s degree in education. He is President of Kotake Shokai, Ltd., a family owned small business. He is married to Cora Kotake Say, a public school teacher, and they have two adult sons, Geoffrey and Jared.

For the 2020 election, Speaker Emeritus Say is running for Honolulu City Council, District 5, which includes Kaimuki, Kapahulu, Palolo Valley, St. Louis Heights, Manoa, Moili’ili, McCully, and portions of Ala Moana, Pawaa, Kaka’ako and Makiki.



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