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As we near the primary election deadline for ballots, many people have been asking me what my plans would be for my first 100 days in office. Well, one initiative I would like to start working on is working with our next mayor and my colleagues to put together Code Action Teams

These are teams that would be dedicated to address and enforce code related issues. The initial teams would be comprised of entities such as building inspectors, law enforcement, and prosecutors. One idea is to start with borrowing resources from existing departments to address code violations such as monster homes, illegal air bnbs, and abandoned homes. This would generate revenue and put more homes on the market, by addressing and enforcing violations in our communities.

Code Actions Teams that are dedicated to addressing code violations relieves the burden on entities such as our Honolulu Police Department and Department of Planning & Permitting, so that they can concentrate on what they need to do.

You may have also seen an article in the Civil Beat noting that the Ala Wai Flood Control Project is a big issue in District 5. I have openly opposed the detention basins, but I also feel that we should be looking at not just mitigating flooding problems, but how we can capitalize on those mitigation measures we are taking. If retention basins are not the answer, then we need to look at other options.

I know that the present Administration has started a Storm Water Utility. I would like to explore expanding the role of the storm water utility to include a storm water infrastructure where we can re-plumb our fire hydrants instead of wasting thousands of gallons of potable water on fires, street cleaning, watering our parks and school grounds, and also make the utility accessible to the private sector and citizens for private landscaping, and re-plumbing bathrooms (toilets) in businesses, private residences (condos and homes)

I believe that something like this is a win-win-win, it saves private property from being taken for retention basins, it preserves our watershed, and it addresses the Ala Wai/Waikiki flooding problem due to sea-level rise.

Those are just a couple of issues I’d like to tackle if I am honored with the opportunity to serve as your District 5 City Council Member.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have other questions or concerns.

Mahalo for all your support!

Calvin K.Y. Say

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